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Promotional & Branding Services

Our high-end approach wins us a lot of repeat business from previous clients, which sometimes includes special one off projects that fall outside of our typical range of services, but we are happy to provide.

Branded Booths
Booths provide an alternative usage for many of our products, which can be used highly effectively for sales and marketing involving face-to-face contact. Some typical situations include point of purchase, marketing and sales suites, trade show booths, and displays & branded welcome booths at exhibitions, conventions, or events.

Promotional Stunts
Unique stunts are an increasingly popular way to get attention in a world saturated by marketing, and we have managed a number of projects involving some difficult lifting logistics; like mounting a Daredevil figure on the roof of a building for the film release, or suspending Daewoo cars from cranes around Dublin to launch the brand in Ireland.

Unusual Wraps & Signage
Sometimes simple opportunities present themselves when a temporary landmark happens to fall into your business domain, like the company that asked us to give their huge construction crane Christmas lights and an illuminated “seasons greetings” signage. Wraps, signs, flags and banners are infinitely adaptable for any big opportunity that presents itself.

We enjoy the unusual challenges presented by advertisers’ desire to stand out. Contact us to discuss your concept and see how we can help!